Relationships are fostered as we fellowship with each other!

I look forward to go to Church on Sundays and to work, on weekdays. That’s because I am going to share time and attention with other people who are on same quest as me.

These are the people who help me to achieve. Together we share ideas, solutions, laughs, sympathies and faith. It is the stories of eventual success and triumphs, that really excite me though.

Amoung my friends, I dwell and I hear, therefore I get inspiration to push hard and do more, and I get to see in men and women who are just like me, what I can have and what I can become.

That’s the magic then! If there ever was one. Being successful at living is simply a matter of us learning from each other. It is a systematic exposing of ourselves; to fellowships that can soften then reshape us, that can point out the difficult path then assist us on it, that can push us to the limits then have faith in us.

Here are some big tips as we prepare to make all our key relationships right:

Love yourself completely and love others completely too.

Esteem the other so highly, higher than you would your very self.

Give every good thing very often. Give more than you take.

I look forward, very much, to attending YHM meetings!

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