Are you in right relationship with the undeniable, almighty One?

That’s the creator of things and beings by-the-way. Now, if you have accepted Jesus Christ as savior, yes indeed you are.

Therefore since you have been made right in God’s sight because of faith, you have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ your Lord has done for you.

Do you think that having peace with God is important? Well, think about all the fakes and falls you could have been spared, if only you did things God’s way. He doesn’t dictate really, but he would rather we fight for an inheritance than settle for a “beautiful” life of pretense.

Did you know that friendship is a far better relationship to have than the closest blood relationship? Secrets will not be shared with sons and daughters, but they will be shared with friends.

For since you were restored to friendship with God by the death of His son while you were still his enemy, you will certainly be delivered from eternal punishment by his life.

Being in a right relationship with the Father brings joy. Not just joy though, but joy beyond comparison. Yes you will have fights and fatigues but your confident expectation of strength because of them, you can’t wait to boast about.

So now you can rejoice in your wonderful new relationship with God, all because of what your Lord Jesus Christ has done for you, in making you a friend of God.

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