Principles for Obtaining Favour from the Lord

Yeshua's House Ministry and attendees met at Prospect Shiloh Apostolic Church in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, for its third quarterly function, to have a discourse on spiritual healing and health. In providing inspiration for the enthusiastic gathering, Dr Lyndon Johnson suggested that we need to create a personal atmosphere fitting for favourable interactions with each other … Continue reading Principles for Obtaining Favour from the Lord

My Health, My Inheritance!


God’s plan for us is that we are well and that we stay in good health. The devils intention is to make us get sick and live unhealthy lives. We have to make a decision. The right thing to do is to follow God’s word and live by them. If we do that, then we don’t have to worry about what the devil is doing. For example; God calls us to be moderate in everything, like eating, working etc. The system of the world, which is run by the Prince of the power of the air (Satan), encourages uncontrolled eating and workaholics. These can cause serious physical pain, madness and render us powerless spiritually (ill-health).

Sickness was not a part of God’s plan and it certainly doesn’t contribute to us obtaining our inheritance, in any form. Sickness and bad health are debilitating and can stand in the way of our…

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