YHM Digest – YHM Digest is a small magazine that features primarily, answers to pertinent questions on the minds of heirs. Stories of the inheritance journeys of aspiring heirs are also featured. As well, you will find in its no more than twenty pages, products and services that were created by fellow heirs-an inheritance exposition. 
A main article that explores the theme of the specific issue of the digest, is included to provide perspective. The aim is to present enough truths that will set the stage for you to positions your priorities and go get your inheritance! 
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Like A Man,  The Power of Trying – When I thought of dedicating a book in honor of my father’s life and his work, and when I began to put together the outline, I suddenly realized how much his examples -though simple – are in fact precious and humble directives that can help men in general, any particular man, to start life well, to develop progressively through the stages of life, to fight and win in life despite the obstacles and to end life with a real sense of achievement, like a man.

Sex And That City – Sex and that City called heaven is a timely study on this and other important topics of sex, its rightful place in a marriage, and ways in which people can keep themselves holy and live their lives in accordance with God’s ordinance. This book seeks to identify and address the issue of morality in today’s society and how it differs in God’s holy city. The book provides encouragement for married couples, single individuals, the separated and divorced, adults in general and to all believers in heaven.