Mental Health Help

According to Mr. Marlon Simpson, mental health illness, is no figment of the imagination. He says it is real. Mr. Simpson was speaking at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean's, World Mental Health Day Webinar on Sunday, October 10th 2021. The occasion was to mark the observance of World Mental Health Day, under the theme … Continue reading Mental Health Help

What Qualifies You For A Miracle?

When you would have waited for God to use His almighty power to respond to an impossible request, and "He didn't come through," you or witnesses are hard pressed to find out what you didn't do right. Based on your belief and experience as His child, you knew that the right thing to do, was … Continue reading What Qualifies You For A Miracle?

Fighting to Win!

I'd really appreciate it if you would share or donate to this GoFundMe. Please help Josephine fight cancer Part of our inheritance as heirs of the Kingdom, is; physical, mental and spiritual healing and health. Possessing any good thing requires strong faith and determination. Josephine has done all she can and now needs your help … Continue reading Fighting to Win!

The Psychology of Family Quarrels and Fights

During her presentation, Dr. Sheriffa Wilkins-Colquhoun, (family psychologist and mental health counselor) told participants of Yeshua's House Ministry's (YHM's) family inheritance meeting, that conflicts unresolved, can lead to family quarrels and fights. She pointed out that conflicts do not have to bring down morale and affect family relationships negatively. "When you find yourself getting upset, … Continue reading The Psychology of Family Quarrels and Fights

Addressing Family Quarrels and Fights

"Quarrels and fights are not a part of God's design for the family, therefore you should not be quarreling and fighting." This, according to Minister James Paul McLaughlin, who delivered the message at our virtual Family Inheritance Series Part 3, on Sunday June 27th 2021. "Yes, you will have disagreements, but you have to submit … Continue reading Addressing Family Quarrels and Fights

Three Things in D-Major For Successful Family Living

D-Major is the key of triumph and sweet Hallelujahs! Thus, the marches, holiday songs and inviting symphonies are set in this key. It is played when heaven-rejoicing choruses are sung but is also strummed for war-cries and for victory-rejoicing. We are proposing three things in "D-Major" which we suggest are winning strategies. If practiced, right … Continue reading Three Things in D-Major For Successful Family Living


Dr. Patricia Holness had a desire to be anointed for her presentation and God heard every word of her heart. She was strident, yet very humble as she shared pertinent, even personal experiences of her life with us. During her delivery, she repeated a number of times, "I want to go to my grave empty … Continue reading FAMILY VALUES AND THE VALUE OF FAMILY

The Truth About Our Inheritance

IMAGE SOURCE/GETTY IMAGES God promised Abraham that his offspring will be blessed (they shall have possessions and kings and queens shall be born among them). This, because Abraham was righteous and obedient. God said, "...I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you and your descendants after you, for generations to … Continue reading The Truth About Our Inheritance

Christian Culture and Impact – Passing The COVID-19 Leadership Test and More

One of the main tests that the COVID-19 pandemic has administered, is that of leadership capacity. All category of leaders, at every level, are tested and some are flipping. If the disease has distracted the christian leader so much that he is unable to continue providing hope and salvation for others, he has failed the … Continue reading Christian Culture and Impact – Passing The COVID-19 Leadership Test and More

Honoring Lady Angela Graham-Stewart – A Child of Victory!

She had a rich inheritance in the earth and she did not keep it to herself. She had faith that delivered real results. In some cases she would pray for years, until God answered His children. Lady Angela Graham-Stewart (Sister Angie) whole heatedly showed respect to, and had genuine care for everyone she met. There … Continue reading Honoring Lady Angela Graham-Stewart – A Child of Victory!

Maintaining Economic Success In Crisis

Wars, earthquakes, famines and pandemics all affect economies world over. Great men and women have worked hard to build back countries after these events. One of them, Joseph, was able to obtain and maintain economic success during a famine as well as during a drought, as a leader in Egypt. He diligently made provision in … Continue reading Maintaining Economic Success In Crisis

Leadership Communication In Crises

Message by Evangelist Donna-Marie Rowe delivered for YHM Leadership Meeting Part IV - May 10th. 2020 The people bawled for an entire night. Their hopes were shattered by bad news from ten of twelve spies. Caleb and Joshua tried to tell them that Caanan was not unconquerable. Ten out of twelve, they concluded, cannot be … Continue reading Leadership Communication In Crises

Our Response In Crises – A Prayer of Pastor Lyndon B. Johnson (PhD)

a-prayer-entitled-shine-on-us-lordDownload YHM thought it was very important to facilitate a discussion on leadership in response to the current global crisis so a Zoom forum was organized and executed on Sunday, April 12, 2020. Thankfully, grace from our very generous God ensured good success. About fifty enthusiastic Christian leaders attended to further position ourselves to meaningfully … Continue reading Our Response In Crises – A Prayer of Pastor Lyndon B. Johnson (PhD)


No one can deny that Prime Ministers and Presidents of the world are struggling to manage the current COVID-19 crisis. Understandably though because to all of them this is the worst pandemic they have seen. It is kinda hard to deny also that Bishops and Pastors seems to believe that this is not their battle … Continue reading CRISES LEADERSHIP – WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY?

Relationships: God-given Human Systems to Serve God-given Purposes

“And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him” (Genesis 2: 18, KJV). From the very beginning, God had set His creation in such a way to perpetually complement each other thereby ultimately bringing glory to His holy name. God … Continue reading Relationships: God-given Human Systems to Serve God-given Purposes

Youth Engagement Forum 2020!

Relationships establish covenants and covenants deliver promises. Your inheritance is available now because Christ died and the Will is executed. Right relationships is your best guarantee of a good life now and everlasting life "after death".

Can Social Media Help to Improve Your Relationships?

Social media (SOMED) are websites and or applications for users to share content and to network. They're convenient, quick and easy to work with. Therefore,  there are literally thousands of new subscribers every moment. Users of SOMED include family, friends, coworkers, strangers or even enemies. Photos, messages, blogs and images etc. - good and bad … Continue reading Can Social Media Help to Improve Your Relationships?

God created relationships to fulfil purpose and maintain order.

Relationships are states of connection between people or things. Here is a good example. The elements have a connection that makes for night and day to occur. Now that's one heaven of a relationship! If you take your relationships for granted, you do it to your own peril. If you don't, you will enjoy promised … Continue reading God created relationships to fulfil purpose and maintain order.

Why Relationships Work (See Survey results)

Relationships are solid foundations on which we can build beautiful; family, professional, spiritual and other meaningful life structures. Point-blankly though, some institutions fall apart and others don't develop and or mature - "simply" - because their relationships don't work. According to the results of the recent YHM's Inheritance Relationships Survey, 9.3 out of 10 was … Continue reading Why Relationships Work (See Survey results)

Take Our Relationships Survey

Thank you for your continued support of us, doing our part to see to the distribution of the exceeding broad inheritances of a very generous God. Our prayer for you is that God will establish and prosper the; spiritual, romantic, professional/business, family and all other relationships in your life. According to Meredith Hansen, Psy. D, … Continue reading Take Our Relationships Survey

You Are Cordially Invited To YHM’s Inheritance Relationships Meeting!

Go Get Your Inheritance! Minister James Paul McLaughlin will present on how he developed, managed and maintained the relationships (family, work, church, enemy etc.) that helped him to be the recipient of Governor General of Jamaica Award For Excellence in 1983! Evangelist Janice Elizabeth Gayle will share on how she developed, managed and maintained her … Continue reading You Are Cordially Invited To YHM’s Inheritance Relationships Meeting!

When Sin Was My Master

Today I am free because yesterday I died to Sin. I chose to be self crushed as Christ did. Mercy heard me. Grace led me. Faith carried me. I disappeared into the grave and was immersed into His death. There, in extreme darkness, my old master lost the power to use and abuse me. When … Continue reading When Sin Was My Master

Are you in right relationship with the undeniable, almighty One?

That's the creator of things and beings by-the-way. Now, if you have accepted Jesus Christ as savior, yes indeed you are. Therefore since you have been made right in God's sight because of faith, you have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ your Lord has done for you. Do you think that having … Continue reading Are you in right relationship with the undeniable, almighty One?

Relationships are fostered as we fellowship with each other!

I look forward to go to Church on Sundays and to work, on weekdays. That's because I am going to share time and attention with other people who are on same quest as me. These are the people who help me to achieve. Together we share ideas, solutions, laughs, sympathies and faith. It is the … Continue reading Relationships are fostered as we fellowship with each other!

“How do people genuinely connect with God and work towards doing everything that He has asked them to do?”

Evangelist Janice Gayle answers this important question in written response and in powerful video clip below: Man's ultimate purpose is to serve God. We serve God through obedience to His commands, through worship, praise and caring for His creation (including self, others and the things necessary for our existence). Effective service is channeled through intimate relationship with … Continue reading “How do people genuinely connect with God and work towards doing everything that He has asked them to do?”

YHM is celebrating after our 7th. quarterly meeting! To everyone who came and supported us we just want to say

Yeshua's House Ministry takes time to thank you for attending the first in our series of inheritance relationships meeting. Special tanks to Dr. Lyndon Johnson our mentor and inheritance expert, Pastor Carol Bramwell, Brother Ryan Goulbourne, Sister keneisha Tapper, Brother Sherlock Chisholm, Brother Chaddeon Johnson, Brother Joel Channer, Sister Sandrine Berry and o Elder Richard Bowes and team at Lyndhurst Shiloh Apostolic Church. Very special thanks to everyone who attended and shared in the presentation, panel discussion and question and answer session. Also to those who spontaneously expressed appreciation, after experiencing the special manner of ministering, as well as to those who want to be apart of or involved YHM. Go get your inheritance!

“How do you break the traditional religious ‘doctrines’ concerning professions such as Lawyer, Politician and Sportsman/woman?”

There is a kneejerk response given when confronted by whether it is OK for Christians to become lawyers. This is usually no, or best, it's not advisable as they have to lie.

Powerful Statements On Purpose!

If anyone wishes to follow Me [as My disciple], he must deny himself [set aside selfish interests], and take up his cross daily [expressing a willingness to endure whatever may come] and follow Me [believing in Me, conforming to My example in living and, if need be, suffering or perhaps dying because of faith in Me]. - Jesus ChristAMP Bible But you … Continue reading Powerful Statements On Purpose!

Principles for Obtaining Favour from the Lord

Yeshua's House Ministry and attendees met at Prospect Shiloh Apostolic Church in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, for its third quarterly function, to have a discourse on spiritual healing and health. In providing inspiration for the enthusiastic gathering, Dr Lyndon Johnson suggested that we need to create a personal atmosphere fitting for favourable interactions with each other … Continue reading Principles for Obtaining Favour from the Lord

My Health, My Inheritance!


God’s plan for us is that we are well and that we stay in good health. The devils intention is to make us get sick and live unhealthy lives. We have to make a decision. The right thing to do is to follow God’s word and live by them. If we do that, then we don’t have to worry about what the devil is doing. For example; God calls us to be moderate in everything, like eating, working etc. The system of the world, which is run by the Prince of the power of the air (Satan), encourages uncontrolled eating and workaholics. These can cause serious physical pain, madness and render us powerless spiritually (ill-health).

Sickness was not a part of God’s plan and it certainly doesn’t contribute to us obtaining our inheritance, in any form. Sickness and bad health are debilitating and can stand in the way of our…

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