What Qualifies You For A Miracle?

When you would have waited for God to use His almighty power to respond to an impossible request, and “He didn’t come through,” you or witnesses are hard pressed to find out what you didn’t do right. Based on your belief and experience as His child, you knew that the right thing to do, was to hope in the same God who did it for others. And of course you did that, along with consistent fasting and supplication!

But not only that, you also trusted your Church and called for its Elders to pray the prayer of faith. In selfpity, you repented day and night for sins that probably didn’t even existed, and when you spoke in tongues, through your tears of anguish, it confirmed for you that the Holy Ghost was in agreement with your spirit, who shouted loudly your sincere desire to overcome.

Failure, defeat and death finally summonded you, and so, with fewest of choices, you would boldly hope against all hope. For that, you needed at least two faithful believers for encouragement, and they were there. So, with grimaced face, that reflected exasperating pain, you found strength to sing and to pray and to worship and to declare that you shall live… but by and by, the worst betided.

This time one is hard pressed to understand; were you wrong to have denied natural solutions, because you concluded that it would be temporary, and you chose instead to wait for supernatural solutions? If so, should you have just stopped believing that you could receive a miracle and started settling for the communities’ or your family’s or the doctor’s biddings?

Would that not be a kind of backsliding and or a demonstration of little faith, that would bring on you the scorn of the self righteous who dammed you either way?

But you had a desperate need, and certainly, that, most, if not all the times, is what preceeds the working of miracles.

So, what is the qualification for just that one miracle you really needed… just that one time?

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