Principles for Obtaining Favour from the Lord

Yeshua’s House Ministry and attendees met at Prospect Shiloh Apostolic Church in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, for its third quarterly function, to have a discourse on spiritual healing and health.

In providing inspiration for the enthusiastic gathering, Dr Lyndon Johnson suggested that we need to create a personal atmosphere fitting for favourable interactions with each other and with God. He suggested further, that our personal atmosphere will determine whether we will be smiled on, or not.

In order to obtain God’s favour (a pleasurable disposition towards), Dr Johnson submitted to us that we need to ensure a protective layer of praise, and that when we pray we should make our request(s) specific to our needs.

He provided practical examples and real instances in communicating the message and it connected well with the audience.

Dr Lyndon Johnson – Spiritual Healing & Health Meeting at Prospect Shiloh on December 2019

In closing, the unorthodox minister of the word of God, questioned rhetorically, “What do you do when you want to be blessed but it is not your time?”

Click on the clip above for the answer and to hear the full presentation. Be blessed!


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