Leadership Communication In Crises

Message by Evangelist Donna-Marie Rowe delivered for YHM Leadership Meeting Part IV – May 10th. 2020

The people bawled for an entire night. Their hopes were shattered by bad news from ten of twelve spies. Caleb and Joshua tried to tell them that Caanan was not unconquerable. Ten out of twelve, they concluded, cannot be wrong.

“Let us overthrow Moses and Aaron and head back to Egypt,” they said, “even if we die there, it is better than being mauled by giants.”

A crisis was on hand. The two leaders, not sure how to handle the situation, fell face down on the ground before their followers.

The people were responding to communication that ran against the grains of promised inheritance. The leaders were responding to their inability to communicate inspirations of hope and truth.

When in a crisis, communication is going to take place, pessimism from the fearful and optimism from the connected. If as leaders we refuse to be proactive, those whom we lead are going to be poisoned by deceit and hope will be lost.

An error in communication resulted in the ten spies and hundreds of men and women not receiving their inheritance. The cost can be that high. Therefore appropriate leadership communication is necessary; for the crisis and for emerging out of it quickly and victoriously.

Evangelist Donna-Marie Rowe, Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), shares on the importance of leadership communication in crises.

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