God created relationships to fulfil purpose and maintain order.

Relationships are states of connection between people or things. Here is a good example. The elements have a connection that makes for night and day to occur. Now that’s one heaven of a relationship!

If you take your relationships for granted, you do it to your own peril. If you don’t, you will enjoy promised inheritances…

Every success happens through appropriate relationships. So Fortune 500 corporations make big profits because of positive business relationships and love gets its fullest expression in relationships that are “rightest”!

Every failure results from inappropriate or bad relationships. The ice of the artic circle are melting because nature’s relationships are compromised. And human beings who are connecting for various reasons are at odds because relationships are not respected.

The highest order of any existence is the fulfillment of purpose. If order is not maintained, systems and life are unecessarily stressed and there is possibility of failure. Jesus established many purposeful relationship, therefore He accomplished, what would otherwise be impossible.

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