When Sin Was My Master

Today I am free because yesterday I died to Sin. I chose to be self crushed as Christ did. Mercy heard me. Grace led me. Faith carried me. I disappeared into the grave and was immersed into His death. There, in extreme darkness, my old master lost the power to use and abuse me. When I arose and got out, I found the strength I never had and was ready to live a new life of regeneration and purification. My new master, called Righteousness, had appeared and he immediately united me with Jesus, the son of God! Now I am a happy and obedient slave. I am alive to Righteousness, therefore, holiness and eternal life are my constant motivation.

But it took a lot “out of me”, though the open gate was always right there for me to break the strong grip that Sin had on me.

When Sin was my master I was controlled by lustful desires, wicked intentions, lawlessness, and impurity. The power of my old master was very strong. I really had no thought to do what was right. I didn’t even know that I was going to be lost forever. I was deceived. My whole body, every part, was a tool to do what was shameful. I was going to hell, until one day, a fellow called Mercy, who knows well the character of that master, gave me a compass to escape. I understood the directions. I went over them many times but it wasn’t easy to get away from Sin.

Most of the chains that seized upon my liberty were loosed but I could not give myself to break ties with Sin’s instigator, The Law. I was constrained by him. And it didn’t seem right for me to just abandon my “thou shall nots”. After all, I grew and developed on them. When you saw me pouring out a load of nothing at the alter, The Law was blamed. And when I hung my head in guilt admitting my inability to toe the line, The Law apparently had a big stick over my skull. When, on the other hand, you saw me jumping and prancing – “joyfully” – The Law sanctioned a good feeling and I made the most of it. I was being fooled over and over and over again, although it appeared right.

When sin was my master, I was kept behind an opaque curtain by Sin’s prey. While on the other side of the barrier, the one who could help me, waited longingly. I listened and peeped for evidence of something substantial. Nothing was happening and at times I was just exhausted. One day I heard a word from God. The word came from inside me. It was resounding. I immediately found my feet and my voice and began to leap and shout. Faith came! However, we had a bit of a struggle getting acquainted because I couldn’t touch or see him. Sin mocked me and The Law accused me but I hoped for better.

Faith recognized my struggles and encouraged me with stories about Abraham, Ruth, David, Rahab, Solomon, and Esther. Then Faith introduced me to someone who he had been created to support. She is called Grace. Grace was like warm oil running off my head onto my body and down to my feet – even to my toes. The grin on my face and the peace I received, caused Sin to flip and The Law became idiotic. They rallied their troops; lie, lust, pride, and every natural and spiritual associate, to forever attack me!

When Sin was my master it was Grace who delivered me.

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