Fighting to Win!

I'd really appreciate it if you would share or donate to this GoFundMe. Please help Josephine fight cancer Part of our inheritance as heirs of the Kingdom, is; physical, mental and spiritual healing and health. Possessing any good thing requires strong faith and determination. Josephine has done all she can and now needs your help … Continue reading Fighting to Win!


The Psychology of Family Quarrels and Fights

During her presentation, Dr. Sheriffa Wilkins-Colquhoun, (family psychologist and mental health counselor) told participants of Yeshua's House Ministry's (YHM's) family inheritance meeting, that conflicts unresolved, can lead to family quarrels and fights. She pointed out that conflicts do not have to bring down morale and affect family relationships negatively. "When you find yourself getting upset, … Continue reading The Psychology of Family Quarrels and Fights