The Psychology of Family Quarrels and Fights

During her presentation, Dr. Sheriffa Wilkins-Colquhoun, (family psychologist and mental health counselor) told participants of Yeshua’s House Ministry’s (YHM’s) family inheritance meeting, that conflicts unresolved, can lead to family quarrels and fights. She pointed out that conflicts do not have to bring down morale and affect family relationships negatively.

“When you find yourself getting upset, or if you feel a bit off: HALT,” she advised. That is, if you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired, you should take the necessary steps to address your needs before responding to a conflict situation.

According to Dr. Wilkins-Colquhoun, self regulation is important in relationships, as it can be a major source of family quarrels and fights, if not done. In her message (audio clip below), she outlined a number of tips for adults self regulation. Please listen and be blessed.

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