Family Maintenance

The County of San Luis’ website describes family maintenance as the process of providing time-limited supportive and protective services to families in crisis, designed to prevent or remedy abuse or neglect. Abuse and neglect, are chief among the reasons, individuals fail to obtain time-based maturity and overall well-being. Therefore the process of providing proper maintenance for our families is important, to mitigate crises.

Family maintenance when taken seriously (as it should be), is no easy responsibility, unless it is seen as satisfying physical needs only. But families also need direction, inspiration, vision, hope, stability, happiness… and the list goes on. God in infinite wisdom, has ordered the absolute way of ensuring that all needs are satisfied, that is, through purpose. This was the theme of Elder Rowe’s presentation as he addressed participants at Yeshua’s House Ministry’s, family inheritance series on March 21st, 2021. He stated that if you satisfy God’s needs, yours will in turn be satisfied. The main presentation is given in clip below:

In the interactive session that followed the presentation, the following questions and answers were handled:

How easy was it for you to tell your spouse that you were going to leave your nine to five to start full time ministry? Elder Rowe said, with respect, “it was difficult to deliver the message to my wife,” and Evangelist Rowe said that it was hard to accept. Click below and listen to the full response:

How did you talk to God about the fact that you are man and that you have a responsibility to provide for your family? “I told God that I was looking for something to prove that he was calling me to full time ministry. I told him I wanted US two thousand five hundred dollars and He gave it to me, just like that!”

Have your children accepted that they will be, among their peers, maybe the only ones whose father works for God full time? Evangelist Rowe said their son expressed that the miracles his dad do, he wants to do them too, because they are cool.

Is there a commonality of purpose in your family? “We are a team working together, and the lines will cross at some point,” Lady Rowe told the meeting, confidently.

Can you speak to a young husband/father, wife/mother who might be struggling to maintain their family? Elder Rowe declared with surety, “All your needs are going to be fulfilled through your purpose.” Evangelist Rowe was strident in her insistence that wives must have the assurance of stability.

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