Three Things in D-Major For Successful Family Living

D-Major is the key of triumph and sweet Hallelujahs! Thus, the marches, holiday songs and inviting symphonies are set in this key. It is played when heaven-rejoicing choruses are sung but is also strummed for war-cries and for victory-rejoicing.

We are proposing three things in “D-Major” which we suggest are winning strategies. If practiced, right relationships, healing and health, harmony and satisfaction (promised inheritances), are bound to accompany the achievement of material goals.

  • 1. Dream together

Every family member has dreams of doing something significant. One person may have her heart set on designing a model housing development while another may just want to travel to a new Town. Together they may dream of traveling to a number of Towns to look at current housing designs.

  • 2. Dine together

Sitting together for meals, is better than enjoying your favorite series with your plate on a tray in your room. Dining together allows for family members to have healthy discussions about their dreams among other good conversations. It also promotes good dieting practices and there is the added benefit of better digestion.

  • 3. Have Devotions together

Every pursuit towards our dreams requires faith. So, as we push to be successful as families, it is import for us to pray and meditate together.

Successful family living can therefore benefit from being set in a sweet harmonic progression as that of D-Major. Three fingers, three strings and three chords. Let us strum together.

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