Dr. Patricia Holness had a desire to be anointed for her presentation and God heard every word of her heart. She was strident, yet very humble as she shared pertinent, even personal experiences of her life with us.

During her delivery, she repeated a number of times, “I want to go to my grave empty so I am willingly sharing everything.” And so she did. Participants were left wanting more, obvious from numerous appreciative emoticons and positive responses in the zoom chat.

The meeting was referred to as a very timely engagement. It attracted persons from Jamaica, Canada, Cayman Island and the United States of America. Click link below and be blessed:

God has given us family as a necessary formation to advance his purpose. He will not proceed without our invaluable inputs! Noah’s family would preserve righteousness and keep alive, animals in the earth. Through David’s family Jesus would be presented as the savior of the world. Do you know what aspect of His purpose your unit has been called to fulfill?

For each family a standard of behavior and a level of significance was established by God. This was the case for Adam’s detachment and it is the case for us today. Do you know what are the standard and significance of yours?

If you are not sure, don’t follow the traditions and say, things will fall in place or we’ll just ride with the waves.

  • You might be just starting your family. Well, you can do so on the right footing and advance quickly – with just a bit of inspiration and some positive guidance.
  • Maybe yours is a more matured flock who is proceeding on the wrong road? You should not continue in error. You can get help and begin again.
  • It could be that for your family everything has gone wrong or is going wrong. Then, you can gain courage to put up a challenge and join the list of others before you who are testifying of victory.


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