The Truth About Our Inheritance


God promised Abraham that his offspring will be blessed (they shall have possessions and kings and queens shall be born among them). This, because Abraham was righteous and obedient. God said, “…I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you and your descendants after you, for generations to come, to be your God and the God of your descendants after you.” 1.

In time, after various connected circumstances, Abraham’s grandchildren ended up in Egypt, oppressed by Pharaoh. Despite that, they produced a great population in two hundred and fifteen years. In distress they cried for help and Moses was chosen to lead them to Canaan (a good land). The journey of around a couple weeks took them some forty years because the guys were unruly. They wandered around in dramatic fashion; begging for food, meddling with idols, cursing their leaders and dying tragically.

Moses was only able to take them as far as the wilderness. He died after doing his best and Joshua crossed Jordon with God’s people. Joshua conquered many Kings. He took their lands and he gave them to the tribes of Ruben’s and his siblings’ for an inheritance. Then there was a period of relative peace.


After a while, Israel lost their birthrights because they refused to maintain right relationship with God. King David tried to recover it but he was not very successful. When he died the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, and Romans took Israel’s possessions. Solomon his son, though very wise, was also not very successful at meaningfully restoring the godly stuff.

The prophets prophesied of a coming King that will change things forever. According to the traditions he was expected to lead a mighty army, take back all that was lost and give it to the descendants of Abraham. Jesus  came. He was the most unlikely King but he came as our inheritance – the will of the father.

The Will contains God’s desire for us today and for generations to come. Christ died to make the items of the Will (our inheritance) available. According to God’s very generous heart, Christ rose from dead so we don’t have to bear the cost and the delays of probating the Will. Our inheritance is for now and for eternity!

Two very encouraging truths about our inheritance that must be borne in mind and embraced:

  1. Our inheritance is exceedingly broad
    • From the river Euphrates to the going down of the sun (old covenant)
    • In Christ a field of grace, all that we can think of, imagine and much more (new covenant)
  2. Our inheritance is exceptionally desirable
    • Land that flows with milk and honey, farms, houses, wells and precious stones (old covenant)
    • In Christ; door, way, truth, life, bread, good shepherd, hope and so much more. (new covenant)

Since we have such wonderful reinforcements, we must let faith have its perfect work in us, and begin to dig for precious gems of love, peace, joy, power, purpose, healing, wisdom, anointing, good success, hope and righteousness. The truth of our inheritance is that it is secured, available, rich, wide, died for…but it is in Christ, on the other side of the Jordon and we have to cross over to get it.

Charles Haddon (CH) Spurgeon begs us therefore, “Have faith, step in the water and watch it begin to recede. Step firmly and with resolve, for every place that you put your foot upon it is yours.” Joshua asked the men of Israel in disgust, “how long will you put off going in to possess the land which your father has given you?” 2.

And after many years the plea is the same. Go get our inheritance, help others to get their inheritance, and do not loose your inheritance to any of the fakes presented by the world. We must be sure to secure it as a legacy, to be passed on to the next generations, until Christ returns!

References from the Bible: 1. Genesis 17:7; 2. Joshua 18:3

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