Christian Culture and Impact – Passing The COVID-19 Leadership Test and More

One of the main tests that the COVID-19 pandemic has administered, is that of leadership capacity. All category of leaders, at every level, are tested and some are flipping. If the disease has distracted the christian leader so much that he is unable to continue providing hope and salvation for others, he has failed the test.

In our recent webinar entitled, “The Culture and Impact of Outstanding Christian Leaders”, four outstanding leaders were tasked to share their responses to the pandemic. The format was a panel discussion, facilitated by Dr. Stephanie Cooper. She started by asking Dr. Lyndon Johnson, ‘to what extent must the Church leadership focus on practical steps to cater to Church members?” Hear answer, in clip below:

Reverend Major Canute Chambers believes that Church leaders are servants. Dr. Cooper posited that as humans they are subject to fears and insecurities, particularly in the COVID-19 crisis. Her question to Major was, ‘what message would you send to today’s leaders, who are faced with fears and are probably questioning their adequacy and capability in tending to God’s people as they would have wanted to, in light of their crippling humanity?”

Evangelist Donna-Marie Rowe, in answering a question about the church’s response in terms of its communication strategy, as COVID-19 spreads, said all social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok, ought to be optimized, embraced and infiltrated to get the word of God and the gospel out.

To Bishop Barrington Smith, who testifies that his Church has been doing better financial since COVID-19, this question was posed: ‘How do you advise church leaders, who are seeing a reduction in income and simultaneously a growing demand that results in greater financial expenditure, to create economic balance?’

  • In the ensuing discussions, sparked by questions from attendees, the panelist and moderator expounded on the following important leadership issues:
    • A proverb that says ‘yu cyan buy dwag fi baak and baak fi him,’ that is micromanaging.
    • When God has given you great things to accomplish you cannot do it alone or you are not going to have much to give account for.
    • The “how” of growing brethren not just to be excellent in spirit but also in loyalty, as we trust them to get things done.
    • The importance of strategic (especially succession) planning and leadership training to prepare better for future crises and just generally to make the necessary shift.

To cap the discussion, Dr. Cooper asked each panelist what, in essence, is their call to action for those who have joined the webinar. The calls include; leadership excellence and kingdom relevance, revival of passion for the work of God and for birthing vision, getting pass fears of failures and walking away from those who are greater admirers of the giants than of God, and the need for christian leaders to get their financial houses in order.

As citizen of heaven inhabiting the earth, culture and impact are important for declaring who we are and what we are about. A man or woman outside of the covenant of grace cannot consistently demonstrate a spirit of love, power and soundness of mind, for example. That culture belongs to Heirs.

Impact secures legacy and impacting is a treasure that people of purpose dig for.

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