Honoring Lady Angela Graham-Stewart – A Child of Victory!

She had a rich inheritance in the earth and she did not keep it to herself. She had faith that delivered real results. In some cases she would pray for years, until God answered His children.

Lady Angela Graham-Stewart (Sister Angie) whole heatedly showed respect to, and had genuine care for everyone she met. There is a story from the taxi man, the market vendor, a co-worker and church folks from rostrum to pew.

The extent of her commitment to her responsibilities led her one time to undertake a loan to pay her tithes! And fasting for weeks to undo burdens she bore for the less fortunate, were the things shared in many faith-seasoned conversations.

Among her joys were answered prayers for children born to couples who could not conceive. Her boasting was of devil- defeating experiences. Her embrace were warm and sincere and were often partnered with a song to pierced dark situations and magnified God’s love. She spoke life, faith, truth, wisdom, mercy and grace.

Al and Rodean and Jerome and Althea and Jackie and Verron and John have testimonies of increased confidence in God. They had different kind of difficulties and Sister Angie’s ministry was available – to the praise and Glory of God!

Her victory was her humility.

Dr Rodean Wallace hails her as a stalwart of the faith who believed in prayer. He said like Elijah, she has left the mantle of faith and prayer. In his message he challenges us to take up the mantle and exalt the God of Lady Angela Stewart – for uncommon favor, uncommon anointing, uncommon healing and uncommon miracles.

Message delivered by Elder Rodean Wallace at Russells Shiloh Apostolic Church’s 16th Annual Prayer Breakfast. It was held virtually via Zoom and streamed live on Facebook on 27th. August 2020.

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