Maintaining Economic Success In Crisis

Wars, earthquakes, famines and pandemics all affect economies world over. Great men and women have worked hard to build back countries after these events. One of them, Joseph, was able to obtain and maintain economic success during a famine as well as during a drought, as a leader in Egypt.

He diligently made provision in anticipation for the crises. The strategies he instituted were stringent and harsh. People sold themselves as slaves, in order to provide for their families, but Joseph insisted for the sake of the vision.

Bishop Barrington Smith like Joseph, has some practical strategies for obtaining and maintaining economic success. He encourages joint heirs of God, to work hard at taking opportunity to use our talents but not before trusting God completely. The full message is inserted below for your economic success.

Presentation by Bishop Barrington Smith on occasion of YHM’s Digital Leadership Meeting, July 19, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis means unemployment and failing businesses for some but we know that God will help those who trust in Him. Neither events nor circumstances can take our inheritance from us.

Keep your eyes on your blessings and go get your inheritance!

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