Youth Engagement Forum 2020!


There is not one issue, that young people of the world fight with, that is not linked to relationships. And there is not one relationship issue in the universe, that is not as a result of deceit.

Deceptions break important connections and then good relationships become bad ones. According to religion, everything, everywhere, was perfect before the first hanky-panky.  One of the facts that we cannot miss here, is that Eve  and Adam were young people, maybe around 100 years old or so, when it happened.

Young people are targets of the enemy! I don’t have to explain. Just look around you and think about it. Everyone of your senses are witnesses.

Satan, who conned the woman and then the man, believes that he still has her soft. “If I can get to her, then I can use her to get to the man. If I can get to the man, then I can make God mad with them. If I can make Him mad with them, then they can loose their inheritance.” IT IS A SETUP! RIGHT RELATIONSHIPS ARE UNDER ATTACK!

Dr Lyndon Johnson, Brother Orlando Sinclair and Brother Jason Baker have been approached by Yeshua’s House Ministry to foil the plot. They know that the Devil is a looser at attempting to accuse the brethren. Their stories and approaches of how they defeat the lie and maintain God ordained connections, can help you to manage well, the challenges of your relationships.

All of us have relationships challenges. All of us can understand how relationships work. Therefore all of us can be victorious.


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