Why Relationships Work (See Survey results)

Relationships are solid foundations on which we can build beautiful; family, professional, spiritual and other meaningful life structures. Point-blankly though, some institutions fall apart and others don’t develop and or mature – “simply” – because their relationships don’t work.

According to the results of the recent YHM’s Inheritance Relationships Survey, 9.3 out of 10 was the average score in response to the question, “How important are your relationships to you?” Fifty one persons, that may include you, took the survey and they are serious about making their relationships work.

Why relationships work?

They are needed – Relationships make things happen. They are needed to add energy that delivers results. It is done through connections. The relationship between the crankshaft and the axles of a car create movements, without which a car is useless.

They are formed with a vision or a dream to be achieved – Even shorter term relationships work best when managed in line with the big picture; ensure that they are.

Clear standards, objectives and goals are established and agreed on – The how and the when are important. They help you not to end up far left nor far right.

Responsibilities are understood and embraced – Jesus would rather die than relinquished his commitment to us. With great relationships come great responsibilities.

Work on the vision or dream is pursued in love and by faith – Immutable threads must intertwine those that can change under pressure.

Appropriate help is not ignored – Praying with others for direction cannot be too much. It is necessary to research and apply new knowledge.

Failures are overcome by positive responses – Failures are never found as objectives in the plan, however they turn up! They happen to teach invaluable lessons. When failures happen, remember the dream.

Victories are celebrated – Get people together in a room or on any number of social media platforms and share your experiences. Help someone else to make good on their own relationships and enjoy it.

Making relationships work is hard work but the effort is well worth it. Fifty Eight percent of respondents to the survey, https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-J73779FS7/ , say they are willing to go the extra mile in investing in their relationships. Thirty four percent join with them and are prepared to hold nothing back. Where do you stand? Please share your comments with us.

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