“How do people genuinely connect with God and work towards doing everything that He has asked them to do?”

Evangelist Janice Gayle answers this important question in written response and in powerful video clip below:

Man’s ultimate purpose is to serve God. We serve God through obedience to His commands, through worship, praise and caring for His creation (including self, others and the things necessary for our existence).

Effective service is channeled through intimate relationship with God. 

Relationships, which describe a connection between two or more persons, are necessary to give and receive love, for trust, confidence, understanding and commitment.

Relationships are formed by people (and other living things) with similarities, hence  God was deliberate when He created two or more of the same animals in the beginning and when He pinnacles His creative acts with the creation of man in His own image and then woman from the man.  This deliberate act was to foster relationships. 

A Dog understands the bark of another Dog better than the oink of a Pig. Adam was better able to relate to God than he would to a Bear or a Lion etc. and certainly, Eve was better able to cater to the needs of Adam than to any other living thing in the garden. 

When we get into relationships with others, we have the privilege of knowing more about them. This creates a level of expectation that is good to govern our behaviors and our responses. The closer the relationship, the greater the privileges. Deep heart to heart secrets are shared and long-lasting bonds are formed. 

When we get into a relationship with God, He reveals to us the measure of power He has deposited in us to serve Him efficiently, effectively and faithfully. Having realized His deposits of love and soundness of mind also, and when we know His expectations of us because of our relationship with Him, we eagerly serve Him without fear or hesitation. 

“Managers maintain the status quo, leaders build relationships.” This is a powerful phrase I learned during my pursuit of a BSc Degree in Human Resource Management. Maintaining the status quo results in people doing what they are paid to do. Building relationships results in people going above and beyond the limits of a job description.  

Relationships create an environment where motivation thrives.  People are motivated when they are convinced that they are loved, valued and appreciated and when they know that interest is not only placed on what they do, but also on who they are – the most valuable assets of any organization. Within this motivated environment, before you’re done asking these people to jump, they’re yelling, “how high?”

When in a relationship with God, one should quickly separate himself from selfish ambitions and be fully committed to God’s service.  This gives us pleasure to do for Him whatever He requires of us regardless of situations and or circumstances. We have no fear carrying out His mandate because we are convinced that He has our best interests at heart.  That’s when we find it easy to give thanks in all things. That’s when we rest in peace knowing that all things work together for our good, and that’s when we rid ourselves of “ifs”, “buts” or any other excuse to genuinely connecting with God, and working towards doing what He ask us to do.

Evangelist Gayle is a mentor and coach for many persons in Jamaica, the United States and Canada. She is a Director of Yeshua’s House Ministry and was its first Inheritance Expert. She is Author of the book Sex And That City which was publish in 2014. She is married to Andrew and together they parent; Kay-Andrew, Kedrine and Andrew Jr.

2 thoughts on ““How do people genuinely connect with God and work towards doing everything that He has asked them to do?”

  1. Thanks, Evg. Gayle, for coining the essence of existence in this document and the video. I wasted some valuable time, trying to build a relationship with God through other people, rather than appreciating that grace gave me equal rights to relationship directly with God!

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