Spiritual Health


Spiritual health is important for living and for success in life. It is that element of ones health that determines the level of his connection with God and with all He created. The World Health Organization (WHO) lists spiritual health as one of its four dimensions of health. The other three dimensions are physical, social and mental health.

Numerous studies have been conducted and many confirm that mortality rate is higher among spiritual people. Mental and physical health are also better with them.  Therefore it is true that man shall not live by bread alone (physical things) but by every word from God’s mouth (spiritual things). 

Some necessary things for spiritual health

  • An acknowledgement of the existence and power of the Holy Ghost – and you being filled with Him.
  • A certain and continued dependence on Him for responding appropriately to the will of God for ones life.
  • Having and using faith to receive help with difficult even impossible circumstances that might be faced along the way.
  • Daily meditating on the word of God – the stories and messages of the scriptures written in the Bible.
  • Giving selflessly to others through Christ who gives the strength to do so.


Jesus often take his disciples to a “place” in order to renew their spirits – He took Peter James and John to Mount Hermon* and appeared in radiant glory (was transfigured) before them. What a revival! There were a number of other occasions that God, in old and new testament, did this with his servants. At times it was in preparing them for tasks that would test them physically and mentally.

There is no complete health without good spiritual health. 

*Suggested by R. H. Fuller and J. Lightfoot[

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