The Story

Yeshua’s House Ministry

Before Elder Roderick Smith, the no nonsense Overseer of the branch Church for Yeshua’s House Ministry,  died in Two Thousand and Eleven, a powerful prophet of the the said Church, named Sister Patsy Goulbourne, prophesied a name change for the founder, from Minister Jeffery Smith to Minister Joshua Smith. The Church is known for mighty moves of God and this one was very special.

Minister Smith’s confession:

“I heard but didn’t understand what it meant so I continued as normal although on occasions I cautiously inquired about it, not really wanting to hear the answer because Joshua was a mighty man and a strong leader and I just could not see myself in those shoes at all. I still don’t see it, by-the-way…

As the years passed without any evidence of the reason why I should bear such a name, I began to fight for prominence…I dressed differently, spoke more boldly, gave more freely and created battle strategies…it was all faked. I heard that you should fake it until you make it.”

During that time excited friends and family members volunteered interpretations; “Take the district and possess it for God, you are Joshua for your siblings, you shall become the Bishop…” however there was no connection, no clear voice no definite direction. The dream, as it were, was dying.

“I read though Joshua over and over and fasted and prayed but I wasn’t so determined enough to know exactly what I had to do. I was still afraid!”

Ten years passed but like the situation with Jonah the intent of the Lord was not going anywhere and so the quest had to be intensified. On that premise, God spoke again to Sister Patsy Goulbourne and she delivered a supporting revelation from Zacheria 4. That was enough to ‘seal the deal.’

“Right there and right then, I began working on what is now Yeshua’s House Ministry.”

Everything is inspiration from God our Father.

“I am chosen for this mission. I have fought battles, lost opportunities, been defeated but this vision helps me to rise again and again towards inevitable victory. God is with me!”

“And Joshua said unto the children of Israel, how long are ye slack to go to possess the land, which the Lord God of your fathers hath given you?” – Joshua 18:3.

The vision of Yeshua’s House Ministry, is that precious resources (particular persons among us), like bauxite in the mud, will be continuously unearthed and brought to the heirs of God’s promises to deliver step-by-step instructions for purposeful advancement in the 21st Century and beyond. These particular persons are called Inheritance Experts (IEs) and they are special because they have taken charge of their God-given potentials/positions (inheritances) and are making/have made significant differences in the earth. The talents, passions and purposes of the IEs are impacting lives and bringing pleasure to the heart of God – and there is no greater good for mortal man to accomplish than these. Jesus, the heir of all that the Father has is our Inheritance and we all need to receive from Him, the live word. The word is alive in our experiences. In our stories.

Yeshua’s House Ministry, aims to ensure that the lives of everyone, by their faith in God and by the determined power that works within us, will be changed, fully developed and transformed by boundless inheritance in the following areas:

  • Prosperity of the soul
  • Healing, health and wellness
  • Maturity for personal development
  • Family and relationship
  • Faith and holiness
  • Business and promotion
  • Etc. 

“…not a single one of the promises of the Lord was left unfulfilled…” – Joshua 21:45

Like Jesus encouraged and empowered large crowds of people from various platforms; Peter’s boat, a mountain near Galilee and an old wooden cross, even so our Inheritance Experts will be given a platform, to tell their stories  and demonstrate the power of God to you and as many as the Lord will gather to Yeshua’s House Ministry.

Stories are important and they have the power to get the attention of even the most distracted. The most dramatic story ever known is that of a carpenter named Jesus. It included characters like Judas and Mary, it had settings at a well, in a grave, and in an upper room, it had dangerous instance and miraculous escapes. Basically all the elements of a good narrative. That story was documented in a special book, and that book is the number on bestselling book of all time. Preachers preach from it, Sorcerers lie from it and Presidents quote from it. The stories of our IEs are dramatic stories also and Yeshua’s House Ministry will document them and make them available to you, for reference.

The stories from our IEs are not ordinary ones. They are stories that have seen them coming through on the other side of gangs of savages, climbing ominous roofs, literally getting up on badly broken legs, starting businesses with little or no money, feeding on bush and bitters for years and spending hours, even days praying-refusing to stop until the presence of Jesus they find. Theirs are stories that have been approved by faith and therefore have touched the very heart of almighty God.

Joint heirs of the Fathers possessions, living beings, children of a greater God, this is Yeshua’s House Ministry!

“So Joshua let the people depart, every man unto his inheritance.” – Joshua 24:28.


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